Victoria Knobloch

Victoria Knobloch is a German photographer who concentrates on black-and-white portrait art and documentary work. Her favorite subjects are the character portrait, street-photography as well as documentaries with social and ecological impact. Her documentary work captures the essence of people’s struggles, delights and human emotions in their widest variety.

Her work embraces the fields of vanishing cultures, ancient traditions and contemporary culture alike, yet the human element is the continuous thread.

Her goal is to refer to what is good in the world, so her photographs are like an argument there. The images motivate and are showing the dignity, strength and enormous positive potential of mankind. They draw the attention to the beauty, the living force, the peaceful and respectful site of life.

We humans are able and have the potential to create a harmonious, constructive and cooperative world. Through contemplation on her work one can feel the own creative power within oneself.

She is also interested in portraying artists, actors, writers, directors, musicians and all other people that do express themselves by their profession. Victoria Knobloch works as a freelance photographer and invests a lot of time in personal projects. She gives workshops and photography lectures.

Next to photography she works as a classical singer.