Lera Grant

“Time is a river, the irresistible flow of all created things.
One thing no sooner comes into view then it is hurried past
and another takes its place. Only to be swept away in turn.”
~ Marcus Aurelius “Meditation”

Lera Grant was born and grew up in Central Asia in the beautiful landscape of the Pamir mountains.  For a long time, she lived in Moscow where she studied Arts, Design and Photography. Here she was introduced to Buddhist philosophy for the first time. After there were some years of studying and traveling in India. Now she is living and working in bonny wee Scotland.

She never stops to study and explore herself in different areas of art and crafts. Lera works as a graphic designer, calligrapher and photographer.

“My work sings to the melody of my heart. The eye is the source of my inspiration, for everything has a story in this universe.

When the river flows I choose each moment and focus on its beauty, capturing the reflections in time as it passes into history.”

Lera Grant