James Gritz

James Gritz has been making photographs for over 40 years. He currently resides in Mexico City.

He has photographed extensively in India, Nepal, Cambodia, Ladakh, Tibet, Africa, Mexico, Galapagos, Borneo, Belize, and Europe.  His specialties include fine art photography, travel, portraits, food, architecture, and street photography.

James entered the path of Tibetan Buddhism in 1973 as a student of Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche. Since Trungpa Rinpoche’s death, he has studied with a number of great lineage holders in the Vajrayana tradition. He was the official photographer for His Holiness the 17th Karmapa’s first American and European tours. He is currently writing a book on his dharma journey with a working title of Pith Instructions From My Teachers.


  • Documentary film “Never Give Up – The Heart of Compassion
  • Autobiographic book, as above.
  • Sacred Buddhist sites of India.
  • The Nangchen Nuns and Khampa people of eastern Tibet.

James has been published in number books and magazines and his work has been exhibited in the United States and Mexico. Most recently he has taught a workshop on street photography in Oaxaca Mexico and exhibited in galleries in Oaxaca and Mexico City.


Outside Magazine, National Geographic (on-line), Shambhala Sun, Bodhi Magazine, New Age Journal, Worth, Diversion, Audubon, GEO, Stern, Oceans (Harper Collins – contributor and photo editor) and Spirit of the Whale (Voyager Press), “The Book of Man” (Scribner 1994, book cover) and many others.